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posté par stoersender le 03-08-2020 à 09:04

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The portable drone gun blocker is a compact

Nowadays, drones are becoming more and more popular. They have become a form of entertainment and one of people's hobbies. In recent years, drones have been widely used by these enthusiasts, making the situation more complicated and available to everyone, including terrorists.

More and more people are threatened by drones. UAVs carry explosives, chemical weapons, biological weapons, etc., and attack military bases. In the face of such threats, purchasing a powerful drone killer shield may be the best measure to defeat remote-controlled aircraft attacks in the future.

Amid the growing threat from uavs, a portable device has been developed on the market to shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles by blocking communications between operators and them. Once a uavs is spotted, the operator aims his gun-shaped drone rf jammer at it and pulls the trigger after selecting the relevant mode to handle the uavs in the current environment. The device prevents the drone from communicating with its remote control.

Gun-type drone is a directional drone jamming device, just like a gun, it is one of the popular jamming devices on the market.

drone signal blocker

The portable drone gun blocker is a compact, lightweight drone countermeasure designed for one-handed operation. This product provides safety countermeasures for a variety of drone models. UAVs usually respond by landing on the spot with vertical control, or return to the starting point. The RF interrupt activation will also interfere with any real-time video stream (FPV) returning to the remote control, making it impossible for the drone operator to collect video material and intelligence.

portable cell phone signal jammers

The development of science and technology also carries certain threats. If malicious people use these high-tech products to do illegal things, jammers become an important tool to protect themselves. Currently, portable jammer is currently the most popular among people because they are easy to carry, just like mobile phones. We will not bring computers anytime, but we will bring mobile phones at any time. Unless we have special needs, we will use other jammers. For example, if the distance is relatively long, we may have to choose a high-power jammer.

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