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posté par cigspriced le 23-05-2020 à 03:52

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Training the Subconscious Mind to Act in Absolute Time

It is a generally universal and common belief that there is no time or space plane existing in metaphysical or cosmic consciousness dimensions. Finite life uses the concepts of time and space as personal reference points to deal with changes that revolve around and assist in the resolve of one's life experiences. Thought exists merely as fact, whether or not manifestation occurs on the physical plane: that being the province and certitude of the individual thinker in finite form.

Although an idea may be new to me, my subconscious does not know or care if what I am saying is true or not. It simply acts on what it knows or what I am telling it to know. As an example, if I am not rich and I smoke tobacco, or I am obese, and I want to change those conditions, I postulate, "I am rich," or "I do not smoke," or "I am not obese <a href="">Marlboro Cigarettes Website</a>." My subconscious functions according to my own conscious conviction of the matter, time notwithstanding. When phrased and spoken with sincerity and true desire, the Spirit of the Thing Itself of riches, not smoking, and obesity delivers what I demand to experience as my Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom. It matters what verb tense I use, and my mind set must correspond with my desire as a reality and not a fantasy. You have to be real if you are going to make believe, until manifestation is provided by the Creative Power of the Universe through the prime delivering vehicle of that power, the Spirit of the Thing Itself.

From the time we are first cognizant of vibrations of any type, including those we 'hear' while in the womb, our minds, though at first in a state of tabula rasa empty slate subject to impressions received of positive or negative import. Neither the positive nor the negative are deemed judgmental by the subconscious: they are accepted as fact. Any conditions we experience in any form from that moment are instantly transmuted into reality and stay with us throughout life unless we thoroughly and convincingly alter our own perceptions in the evolution of personal change; and <a href="">Newport 100S Cigarettes</a>, because they are subconscious, they remain under the veil of unawareness while patterns of growth take all of these parameters into consideration and create the world we live in. To simply say, "I want this or don't want that" does not alter the fact that the status quo remains in place. Permanent change of our selfness can occur with two methods: severe and intense reconstruction or ease and grace. Either approach is based on a knowing will to be, not will power.

Self-Revealization Acceptance provides the mechanism, both scientific and metaphysical, to alleviate and change any condition without the need for personal coercion or stress while activating newness in the self perception of an individual. It is most important to put one's own ideas into action regardless of the imposed perceptions of others who are not doing anything in specific regards to the conditions that you are desirous to change, but would certainly be able to tell you how to do what you are doing. It is essential that you, as an individual, create your own specific self-revealization acceptance and bring it to bear upon the Creative Power of the Universe to deliver exactly what you want to experience <a href="">Cheap Cigarettes</a>. This does not become a word game that you use to fool yourself into 'believing' a new condition in your life. Quite the contrary! It is based on your true desire for a new experience, and you are the only one who can adequately define your desire, even though you may have outside references you accept as factual and realistic or not.

The first step in creating a new environment is to determine your actual need and to realize that the condition you want to change is required for your own self-esteem and self-aggrandizement, not for the entertainment of others in a desire for you to be accepted by them. This encompasses understanding of pure selfishness rather than impure selfishness. You must come to understand what the differences are. When this is instilled into your psyche, you are then able to give all of yourself without fear, knowing that what you are giving does not detract from your own sense of self. There is unlimited replenishment that constantly maintains you in a condition of never losing anything and always delivering more of what you are, doing so in a finite way. Self-Revealization Acceptance offers a methodology to find meaning in self-creation. It is difficult to open every door, but with the proper attitude, all things manifest with ease and grace.

In the following self-revealization acceptance, work on redefining your desires. By repeated use of the self-revealization acceptance, you will be amazed at the results. Bear in mind that these results will not be temporary or superficial: they will become permanent, based on your true desire.

Self-Revealization Acceptance for Pure Selfishness

The one complete and unlimited source of all supply constantly seeks to express more of Its reality in me, through me, and as me. I accept this statement as the complete truth of my individualization and as the complete and unlimited source of good in ever increasing supply <a href="">Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping</a>. This is now established as truth in life, and I express more of myself without condition to receive and accept an unlimited supply of the bounty of the universe. Through pure selfishness, I know that the more I give, the more I have to give while still more is returned to me. I make this choice freely, knowing that what I give is returned to me in ever greater measure. I now know that I will always have what I need and what I desire in any form without restriction or delay. I will continue to define my desire to bring more of its good into my life while accepting more of my desires as done. Accepting myself as living in pure selfishness, my belief grows in the acceptance that I will always have all that I want, and I will continue to accept for it until it is demonstrated in my life. I accept all of my great bounty and do not concern myself about where it is coming from because I maintain my own morality and integrity. I raise my consciousness through pure selfishness and accept my will as done. I replace all thoughts of limitation with ideas of abundance, knowing that my words are released to the Spirit of the Thing Itself and knowing that my desire is delivered. I choose to live a life of pure selfishness and will repeat this acceptance for my growth, modifying it as I must for the total opening of my consciousness as it replaces any ideas or thoughts of lack <a href="">Newport Menthol Cigarettes</a>, loss, or limitation in my subconscious. By my divine right to live in joy and freedom, pure selfishness permits my life to unfold in ways I may not have previously thought I was worthy of <a href="">Cigarette Tobacco For Sale Online</a>. Accepting all of my desires in abundance, I give unlimited thanks to the Creative Power of the Universe for my new awareness. I provide solutions that empower audiences and corporate clients to turn challenges by demonstrating definitive working techniques guaranteed to bring about advantageous results. My work is considered essential study for individuals and organizations interested in progressive management/motivation development that includes life enhancement skills.<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="">Wholesale Cigarettes Uk</a>
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