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posté par stoersender le 24-07-2020 à 04:41

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GPS jammer anti-tracking


GPS is the frequency range that is used by navigational satellites to track the location of land, water and air vehicles which have GPS tracking device installed onboard. GPS frequency range has five bands but only three of them are intended for civil usage – L1, L2 and L5. While GPS is the most widespread tracking frequency spectrum (developed and commonly used in the USA), there are also many other satellite navigation systems: Russian GLONASS, European Galileo, Chinese Compass and Japanese QZSS. Depending on what part of the world you are, any of them might be used or even few of them simultaneously. In this category you will find a couple of GPS jammer (anti tracking devices) which will help you to protect your privacy in your vehicle or in any other place. All our GPS signal blockers was developed in Sweden so the quality of these tracking jammers is very high.

vehicle gps jammer anti-tracking

Aside from GPS trackers there is another thing that is even closer to you then your car. It is your smartphone. As a rule all modern smartphones have embedded GPS module. This module can grant law enforcement agencies access to your geolocation data, and while it also can be granted without a warrant, governmental employees can track your movements in the same way they track vehicles with GPS tracking devices. But you can use our products from this category to protect your privacy and keep information about your location and movement through the day safe from strangers.

If you find yourself being tracked, you can use the car GPS blocker to make the satellite positioning device inoperable and avoid car satellite signal tracking. This is one of the reasons why GPS jammer are so popular.

The gps signal jamming device can interfere with the tracker of criminals, and even prohibit the positioning of vehicles by satellites. The use of jammers can prevent terrorists from tracking us, making it impossible for criminals to accurately pose a threat to our whereabouts.If you're worried that your car is being tracked by a lawless molecule, you can buy a satellite signal scrambler, which will protect your whereabouts and keep you from being monitored. If you're worried about your phone becoming your tracker, you can use the cell phone USB GPS blocker, which can put you in a safe position.

Military forces have built special equipment to deal with this threat. Soldiers use military jammer to respond to counter-terrorism operations. However, citizens can also use them. The only difference between them and other jammers is that military jammers are very powerful and can interfere with different frequencies at the same time. Therefore, using a military signal jammer in your vehicle may be a good solution.

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