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posté par xingxingx524 le 21-01-2021 à 04:41

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It was hard to shake the feeling that we were not in some other country. Oh, the language is the same, there is the same mix of faces from other lands as back home and to shop in the box stores or even at the Bay seemed similar to being in Ontario. Items were maybe a little more expensive, but not much considering Mainland to Island transportation costs. The food on offer in the restaurants was much the same fare as home except for this strange ritual of afternoon tea. Oh, there are Tims and Starbucks and real fresh ground coffee shops, the Golden Arches, Wendy and A with their mystery sausages made from vegetables. But the tradition of an afternoon tea is something we could use in Ontario.

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I'd agree if it wasn't for the fact that these communities had server options for their native languages for over a decade now. Seeing as the social aspect in Classic is very important and the whole thing is a recreation of the WoW we were used to, I think their complaints are valid.

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